What Are People Saying About Their Breathwork Experience?

‘I am so appreciative to you all for holding a space where such a thing is possible and for guiding me through an extraordinary experience. It was profoundly cleansing and deeply moving. In truth, it was beyond words.’

~ Alex

‘Thank you so so much again for Sunday!… It’s incredible, how just letting go enough for that time in the workshop really shifted something very powerful.  Thank you so much again, I’m so grateful… I really look forward to joining you for more sessions.’

~ Charlotte 

‘I’m not sure my expectations could have been high enough to prepare me for what I experienced. Although I have taken psychedelics, I have not been to anything like a breath workshop. I didn’t know that I would be inducing similarly altered state of consciousness nor did I really believe it would be possible without the use of something other than my own breath!’

~ Rob

‘Warm, approachable and gentle energy which allows you to gently explore your truth.’

~ Sally 

★★★★★ The event far exceeded my expectations

‘Incredible :)’ ~ Breather From The Psychedelic Society

‘A transformational workshop, beautifully led by two wonderful women who guide both experienced and novice breathers with skill and sensitivity. The music, which is completely unique to these workshops, adds another dimension and magic to the experience. Thoughtful and healing, I had a wonderful time!’

~ Lisa

‘Coming from someone usually cynical to alternative therapies and practices, the Breathwork Workshop blew me away. It was a truly amazing experience that left me feeling refreshed and satisfied. Who knew that you could drift off to another plane of consciousness without any drugs at all!?’

~ Fred Brinton

‘Hannah and Hannah Work so well together in bringing about changes from within and giving the power back to the person doing the breathing.
Going deep with such powerful techniques and amazing guides to bring about the best results needed in the moment.
The best thing is how this practice can then be taken home to work with.
I would highly recommend these ladies if you want to go gently but deeply into yourself and having the experience of just letting go.’

~ Louisa 

‘I am still buzzing after the workshop yesterday – a truly beautiful experience led by the lovely Hannahs. I will definitely be back for more
Thank you Hannah, Thank you Hannah’

~ Kione

‘I took part in a breathing ‘workshop’ for the first time yesterday and I am so glad, lucky and honoured that it was with Hannah and Hannah! They are both so welcoming and calm and glow with a happiness only those who truly love life ever know.
I felt safe and relaxed and made some truly wonderful realisations during the practice. These realisations ring true with who I am, who I want to be and where I am now and I know they will help me live the life I deserve. Thank you Hannah, Thank you Hannah!’

~ Toby

‘Thank you so much for yesterday’s conscious breathwork workshop. Your process opened up more possibilities for me for how I breathe and how important it is for being. I had an amazing experience, it’s had a profound affect on how I understand what breathing really means to me. Looking forward to practising next week. Thank you.’

~ Julian


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