Grounded Life Breathwork


Our next Facilitator Training starts on 28th March 2023

  • 10 Month, 400 hour accredited online and in-person training
  • Learn to facilitate 121 and group breathwork sessions
  • conscious connected breathwork and many other breathing styles and techniques
  • Trauma-Informed and focus on ethical space holding
  • Focus on Resourcing, self-regulation & co-regulation
  • Multi-disciplinary approach


Learning how to regulate our nervous system and having the tools and inner-resources to manage life’s constant stresses is fundamental and it is your breath that is central to this. As well as shifting your state of body and mind, your breath gives you access to more choice of how you respond and navigate life’s experience and challenges.

Grounded Life facilitates conscious breathwork and explores practices that enable a greater sense of connection with yourself and the world around you.

In today’s world of hyperstimulation and information, we are being called to anchor ourselves through lifestyle interventions that optimise our state of mind and body and help us reconnect with nature and eco-systems that support us..


Our breath is a direct reflection of how we are and how we live.

How we are breathing can reveal a great deal of information about ourselves. Once we know how we breathe habitually, we can start to learn how to optimise our breathing.

Conscious breathing increases self awareness and enables us to observe and gain a better understanding of our body’s communication with us.

Conscious breathwork equips us with more information about who we are and how we are living, increasing our ability to make more empowered choices in our life. 



Grounded Life facilitates conscious breathwork and explores practices that enable a greater sense of connection with yourself and the world around you.

In today’s world of hyperstimulation and information, we are being called to anchor ourselves through lifestyle interventions that optimise our state of mind and body and help us reconnect with nature and eco-systems that support us.

The most important step on a journey is the first π–³π—π—‚π—Œ π—ˆπ—‡π—…π—‚π—‡π–Ύ π–Όπ—ˆπ—Žπ—‹π—Œπ–Ύ π—‚π—‡π–Όπ—…π—Žπ–½π–Ύπ—Œ 𝖾𝗏𝖾𝗋𝗒𝗍𝗁𝗂𝗇𝗀 π—’π—ˆπ—Ž 𝗇𝖾𝖾𝖽 π—π—ˆ π—„π—‡π—ˆπ— π–Ίπ–»π—ˆπ—Žπ— π–Ύπ—Œπ—π–Ίπ–»π—…π—‚π—Œπ—π—‚π—‡π—€ 𝖺 𝗅𝗂𝖿𝖾 𝖼𝗁𝖺𝗇𝗀𝖾 π–»π—‹π–Ύπ–Ίπ—π—π—π—ˆπ—‹π—„ 𝗉𝗋𝖺𝖼𝗍𝗂𝖼𝖾 𝗂𝗇 π—’π—ˆπ—Žπ—‹ 𝗅𝗂𝖿𝖾, 𝗂𝗍 also acts as the perfect introduction to conscious connected breathwork.


In collaboration with Breathing Space, Grounded Life offer a 400 hour online program spanning 10 months. It is a fully comprehensive program designed to train people to become Breathwork Facilitators. This will allow you to run Breathwork sessions safely and confidently both online and in person.

Throughout the course and after graduation you can expect to be supported by strong teachers, mentors, and fellow students.


Hannah G and Hannah N, both having trained in breathwork, branched out in 2018 to create Grounded Life, an organization that embodied their philosophies, values and teachings. A collaborative platform built to support personal and collective growth with the understanding that in order to grow, healthily and sustainably we must also ground like the rooted tree. Hannah and Hannah bring forth what inspires them and share tools of living a grounded life; Breathwork, movement, sound, voice, massage, nature and her wisdom. Creating a container for people to breathe, move, express, experience, observe and integrate.




I am so appreciative to you all for holding a space where such a thing is possible and for guiding me through an extraordinary experience. It was profoundly cleansing and deeply moving. In truth, it was beyond words.


Thank you so so much again for Sunday!… It’s incredible, how just letting go enough for that time in the workshop really shifted something very powerful. Thank you so much again, I’m so grateful… I really look forward to joining you for more sessions



I’m not sure my expectations could have been high enough to prepare me for what I experienced. Although I have taken psychedelics, I have not been to anything like a breath workshop. I didn’t know that I would be inducing similarly altered state of consciousness nor did I really believe it would be possible without the use of something other than my own breath!


Warm, approachable and gentle energy which allows you to gently explore your truth



Hannah G you offer a welcoming stillness that I resonate and feel safe in. In your session I felt my shell start to crack and allow myself to feel so much anger and hurtful words that I have absorbed throughout the years. In allowing myself to feel that again, I let my protection drop and relaxed into feeling me again which left me feeling peacfull. I am blessed to have had you as my facilitator.


Hannah and Hannah Work so well together in bringing about changes from within and giving the power back to the person doing the breathing.

Going deep with such powerful techniques and amazing guides to bring about the best results needed in the moment.

The best thing is how this practice can then be taken home to work with.

I would highly recommend these ladies if you want to go gently but deeply into yourself and having the experience of just letting go.



A transformational workshop, beautifully led by two wonderful women who guide both experienced and novice breathers with skill and sensitivity. The music, which is completely unique to these workshops, adds another dimension and magic to the experience. Thoughtful and healing, I had a wonderful time!

Fred Brinton

Coming from someone usually cynical to alternative therapies and practices, the Breathwork Workshop blew me away. It was a truly amazing experience that left me feeling refreshed and satisfied. Who knew that you could drift off to another plane of consciousness without any drugs at all!?



I am still buzzing after the workshop yesterday – a truly beautiful experience led by the lovely Hannahs. I will definitely be back for more

Thank you Hannah, Thank you Hannah


I was blown away by the intensively physical experience I had at breathworks with Hannah and Hannah. I could feel the energy rushing through my chakras, going to the places where I needed it most. Beautiful singing and gongs guided me through the journey, which was at times tricky. But the sense of elation and clarity I felt at the end made it all worth it. Thank you for making it happen and to everyone else who shared the experience with me.



Thank you so much for the breathwork workshop, your beautiful singing and holding. is indisputably brilliant an I vote it the best in London :D. Love and gratitude


Thank you so much for yesterday’s conscious breathwork workshop. Your process opened up more possibilities for me for how I breathe and how important it is for being. I had an amazing experience, it’s had a profound affect on how I understand what breathing really means to me. Looking forward to practising next week. Thank you.



I took part in a breathing β€˜workshop’ for the first time yesterday and I am so glad, lucky and honoured that it was with Hannah and Hannah! They are both so welcoming and calm and glow with a happiness only those who truly love life ever know.

I felt safe and relaxed and made some truly wonderful realisations during the practice. These realisations ring true with who I am, who I want to be and where I am now and I know they will help me live the life I deserve. Thank you Hannah, Thank you Hannah!


I came away from my first ever Breathwork session feeling a primal connection with my inner self that felt both deep and lasting. It was a beautiful & serene healing guided, with great warmth & sensitivity, by the two Hannahs. Most certainly, I will be back for the next workshop for more inner exploration. After all, there is still much more to discover and who better to help me uncover my deeper self.