Winter Solstice and the Great Conjunction, what does it mean?

Happy wet and windy solstice.

Today feels like an important day!

I want to share two events with you that support love, optimism, reliable information, metamorphosis, and most of all hope.

There is lots of information about the synchronized solstice and conjunction flying around and rather than me repeat what others are saying, let me ask you, what does this mean to you? How have you been feeling recently? How are you nourishing yourself today?

Whether this moment is an evolutionary upgrade in our consciousness or 2 dots in the sky that bad weather won’t let us see, I’m seeing it as this big opportunity to look inward at what I am currently creating in my life, what thoughts are taking up my airtime, are they in service to my well-being or not. I look at this time as an opportunity to align with the energies I want to be a conduit of.

The conjunction, I read, is moving from a long-standing Earth element into Air, which works very well with bringing our attention and consciousness to the transformational and undeniably healing power of our breath and life force. Harnessing this element within us to create internal grounding and growth.

Saturn undoing the old structure, Jupiter helping to create the new. This reminds me of the ‘The Tower’ tarot card which holds meaning that things sometimes have to be chaotic and crumble before they can be rebuilt in new ways that work (meanings in metaphors). This ties into death and rebirth which is very much related to breathwork and of course nature… even the inhale and exhale is seen as an opportunity of death (shedding skin) and rebirth (renewal)

As some of you may know it is the supposed end of the Maya calendar – (The Mayan calendar dates back to at least the 5th century BCE, The most commonly known Mayan cyclic calendars are Haab and Tzolkin.)

It’s also a moment in Aboriginal culture, today is The Great Ngaltawaddi Ceremony at Uluru aka Air’s Rock home to the Rainbow Serpent, the divine feminine creative energy of the Earth. As my mum said so well, when I was talking to her about all this stuff, and she can give or take much if it “If the Aborigines are saying so, then I’m in”, and I agree, Aboriginal people like many other indigenous cultures are the long-standing stewards of the earth and are in better relation with mother nature than the culture I was born into has even been.

This leads me to my first sharing:

It’s free and you have 24hours left to listen to day one. GEEK ALERT there is SO much yummy information to feast on here, I cannot stop listening!

Especially a talk from Bruce Lipton about cells, which I will, hopefully not too poorly, paraphrase a bit of below.

So what if this moment is about choice? Your conscious choice. Starting with your internal environment, the way you care for yourself, the way you support your own growth.

It can be difficult to stay positive sometimes, it’s winter for one and not to mention the global pandemic and collapse of our economy, but as Bruce Lipton so interestingly shares, how our cells grow actually rely on the relationship to the terrain they grow in. Each human and the millions of cells we are made of has what is called receptors, that interpret what is happening externally to make necessary adaptations internally. This happens on a cellular level, on a larger scale our bodies senses (skin, eyes, ears etc), are the receptors that take information from what’s happening in our world, communities, lives today, the outside which has a direct impact on our inside terrain.

When we experience something from our external environment that makes us feel good. It releases Dopamine, Oxytocin, Vasopressin growth hormone. When we experience things that make us feel fear we internally produce, cortisol, norepinephrine cytokines and histamine.

At the moment with what is happening in the world and the way this information is streamlined to us, what do you think our receptors are receiving and what chemicals do you think are being produced in our body? Breaking this feedback loop that is in play can only start with our commitment to our inner work.

What if the radical revolution we are looking for, the medicine, the healing, lies first and foremost in how we choose to live our own lives and in the connection we have with ourselves, others and nature?

Let’s create some healthy, expansive, compassionate, and hopeful habits together!

Starting today, for 20 minutes there is a global mass mediation happening online. I hope you can join it and if not, at some point today, take 3 connected breaths and feel your body, from your feet all the up to your head, notice what is alive for you and offer the sensations within you some acceptance and love, some thanks. Perhaps end with bringing to mind and heart something that really creates heart happiness for you. Even if that if thinking about something as amazing as swimming with dolphins or the last time you warmed Yourself on a sunny afternoon.

Keep making room for the light to flow xxx

Here is the link

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