What is Breathwork?

Have you recently heard of conscious breathwork?

Maybe you have seen it in a magazine or advertised online perhaps someone you know has tried it and said it was a liberating and transformative experience or maybe that it was daunting and emotional!??

There are lots of different styles of conscious breathwork and conscious breathing techniques, so what’s the difference between them? 

Conscious Connected Breathwork & Conscious Breathing

Imagine there are branches that run parallel to each other, they intertwine and support each other, they standing in their autonomy but both are vital parts to making the whole.   

On one these tracks you have conscious breathing, which is something that has been around for centuries, think breath awareness, mindfulness and meditative breath practices, pranayama or yoga breathing, these are the bread and butter to creating balance in your life.

Generally, though not always done through the nose, generally though not always, controlled to a specific pace, dynamic and intention. 

These practices can and should be done daily, they should really be a part of everyday life. They also support the integration of the deeper experiences that conscious breathwork can offer. 

On the other branch we have conscious breathwork or connected circular breathing, this technique is relatively new in comparison, and the practice can be a mixture of mouth and nose breathing, but the invitation is to let go of any control or manipulation over the breath and allow breathing to be full, flowing, connected and embodied.

The inhale is active and the exhale is passive and you connect the breaths, meaning no pause at the bottom or the top, the breaths flow into each other without pause. 

There are lots of different schools and varied styles of Breathwork from Holotropic, Re-birthing, Transformational breath, Shamanic breath, the list goes on.

But in principle they are all based on this simple breathing exercise. 

Here at Grounded life we collaborate with what we feel to be the best of each to offer guided breath journey’s which empower you as your own healer and make sure you are safe in this process of grounded growth. 

Breathwork session can last anywhere between 40 – 120 mins on average and the journey offers a huge spectrum of experiences, which can include many things, for example; Changes in your body chemistry, physical sensations, Emotional sensations, mental shifts like accessing your subconscious, entering into different brain wave states, deep relaxation, a dream like state or perhaps a sharpened sense of awareness and presence. The release and movement of tensions, trauma and stress from the body. Profound realizations and perspectives. 

Conscious breathwork allows you to notice your sensations much more acutely. Which helps to build a more intimate and loving relationship with your body. 

Both of these tracks complement each other, support each other and cross over. 

Start Breathing Now

It sounds funny doesn't it, as breathing is obviously something we do every moment of every day without it even needing our attention.

BUT when you do start to bring your attention and your intention to the act of breathing, well, things start to happen quite quickly.