What are the Brothers saying about their Breathwork and workshop experience?

‘I was really impressed by the men that attended. Amazing to see people that aren’t sterotypically found in more ‘esoteric’ circles, to be doing healing work for themselves.

To be honest, I was honoured to be in their presence. I know how hard it is to be open and vulnerable, and a lot of the guys seemed to have come from a place where that might have been even harder than my experience’

~ Ed

‘This was my first experience of both breathwork and a men’s circle. I had no expectations but both experiences were wonderful. Hannah and Jonty held a beautiful space and the experience itself was beyond words. To be held in a group like that surrounded by brothers felt very natural and very nurturing, a space with no judgement, and a freedom to exist in my own space. The journey created deep insights and a space to allow new things to enter. Magical experience’


‘It you gave me an experience I’ll never forget. Cant believe I got back in contact with my family that have passed away that was so awesome’

~ Terry

‘My intention for the evenings meditation was just to breathe and that we all have a powerful experience, I prayed to my Higher Power she/he did not disappoint.

The Power in that room could have lit a shopping f#@king shopping centre, one man traveled the heavens.

My cells vibrated and I got soaked in the love of my Higher Power. If you have never been I pray you one day come along one day its life changing’

~ Delroy

‘I think there has to be trust doing this to work, and although I felt like the “new kid in class @ school “ last week, yourself & the guys made me welcome & put me at ease.

Thanks for that. 🤗

I’m looking forward to continuing my journey & having a new experience with the Brothers Breathwork’

~ Andy

‘Thank you for guiding that powerful, wonderful experience.

I have been fortunate to spend time with a number of healers and energy workers in different spaces over the years, to feel the compelling connection in shared time and place, embodied.  To share such a moment, mediated by the glowing screen, is quite inspiring (and surprising). That is a true gift.

May life shower you with abundance, joy, and clarity!’


‘Really enjoyed last night and it was a lovely crowd…

Got a lot out of my recent breathwork practice feeling very comfortable with myself at the moment and my place in the universe.’

~ George

‘You’ve facilitated many important breathwork experiences for me.

Thanks for everything you do and I look forward to working coming back soon’

~ William

‘That was great

I’m realising that slow, steady and subtle breathing can be much more healing that simply going for it

Tonight was quite profound

I felt a part of my body that I’ve never felt before… the area at the back of my heart. As the air moved into to that space, I felt energy and a lightness flowing in too. A subtle shift

Thanks again for holding the space. You’re doing a great job’

~ Jules

‘It’s left me with some answered questions as to why I cannot move forward emotionally in relationships. Felt the love of my fellow Brothers tonight’


‘Amazing! It’s such a beautiful event where we all leave with an amazing feeling of calm and connection with themselves.

It allows us to drop further into our masculine energy. And see other men in a new light of love and compassion’

~ David

‘My breath work experience was all positive. Despite the odd feeling of being in an all male environment everyone present seemed to fully engage with the simple instructions give to fully embrace the moment. The calmness in my mind afterwards cannot easily be described. There is no “down side ” to breath work. I look forward to the next session.

This work seems to strip away any inhibitions and pre conceived ideas about how we should react. A deep innermost honesty seems to rise to the surface to enable stereotype ideals to be set aside.’

~ Peter

‘The workshop was mind blowing. This mens work is so important to be real, open and not to be afraid to express our feelings’

~ Noah

‘I am so appreciative to you all for holding a space where such a thing is possible and for guiding me through an extraordinary experience. It was profoundly cleansing and deeply moving. In truth, it was beyond words.’

~ Alex

‘I had such a good time and really enjoyed it. It’s such a unique space to share with people and it felt like a great group’

~ Alexander

‘Every time is so different, this time I was able to release a lot I had been carrying and come away feeling connected and energized. The group was great too’

~ Ben

‘Thank you Hannah for a very special evening. And thank you to all you brothers for holding such a special space!’

~ Sven

‘Thank you Hannah, was a great evening, and loved meeting some really great and sensitive men! Thanks to all’

~ Ken


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