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Why do we do this work?

We believe in the seeds of potential that each individual carries within themselves, seeing each person as the author of meaning and connection in their life.

We aim to support you in building an in-depth and intimate relationship with your breath, aligning yourself towards your sense of purpose, presence and health.

We acknowledge our impact and responsibility towards ourselves, our families, communities, society and the earth.

We recognize humanity as part of a vast and intricate ecosystem and that each individual is a caretaker of their internal and outer environments.

These are some of the reasons we do this work; what are yours?

What do we mean by work, what is it?

Resourcing, self-regulating, co-regulating, stimulating, uncovering, exploring, unearthing, unfolding, connecting, self-expression, communication, understanding, enquiring, listening, moving, breathing, observing, and integrating.

How do we do this work?

We explore tools and practices that address physical, mental and emotional well-being in order to live a more expansive, grounded and healthy life, to optimize our state of mind and body and help us reconnect with our nature and eco-systems that support us.

We experientially learn about our internal and external environments and how they influence our health and well-being. Cultivating our capacity and ability to effectively move throughout our world in new and self-empowered ways, leading by example.