School Breathe Programme

Before we talk about the School Breathe Programme lets start from the beginning:

When it comes to the growth of a child, it’s been said that the most crucial milestones have materialised by the age of seven.

The great Greek philosopher Aristotle once said, “Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man.”

This quote disheartens me. I too often see children growing up so quickly, missing out on the opportunity to be in that childhood stage. Which once gone, can feel lost forever.

What I find interesting and I believe Aristotle, and many other therapies like Core Energetics are pointing out, is within these formative years, the deepest body blocks and armouring get created. This happens when expression and emotions are withheld and/or frozen in response to life circumstances and traumas. Meaning that defences and adaptations are developed as a survival strategy to compensate for, and escape from, the hurts, humiliations and unfulfilled needs of our adolescence.


In breathwork, we see time and time again adults who are disconnected from the core of who they really are. This creates a whole host of conditions that are really all by-products from this disconnection. Breathwork helps to bring our blocked or suppressed energy back into healthy regulation and integration. We go from feeling fragmented to more whole. 

It goes without saying, that if we were taught about breath awareness from a young age, much pain, time and money would be saved. Also, a lot more vitality and love could be enjoyed. 

But it’s not only about later life, it’s about the here and now for children. While the first seven years don’t determine a child’s happiness for life, their rapidly growing brain does lay down a sturdy foundation for how they communicate and interact with the world, by processing how they’re being responded to.

Joining the School Breathe Programme team earlier this year, run by Aimee Hartly and the Breathing Room, I saw first hand how bad habits of breathing had already kicked in with children aged 4-7. Children were visibly reverse breathing and breathing shallowly in their upper chests and shoulders rather than down into their bellies. Many of the kids also shared and described already having feelings of anxiety and stress.

The school environment can act as a prime catalyst for a dysfunctional breath pattern. Children are sitting down for long periods of time, experiencing reduced playtime, and dealing with new social interactions (and the pressure of early years testing for some). This means children have forgotten how to breathe in a healthy way (using the diaphragm), creating unnecessary stress and tension.


Babies generally breathe into their bellies naturally, with a type of freedom that adults struggle to do. A full belly breath helps calm the nervous system, encouraging a state of rest and digest, which is incredibly important in bringing the autonomic system back into balance.

A baby’s breath can be such a great example of a way of breathing that we have long forgotten about. When they inhale, they blossom. When they exhale, they surrender.

Babies are generally unaware about the restriction and constriction of life experience, which gets held in the body. Though of course, the process of birth can be traumatic and many other situations at birth. Birth is the starting point, the first book of the library of your life to which the body and breath become the archive. 

1 in 8 children have a mental or emotional disorder, and the educational system continues to put pressure on young children, without giving them the tools like breath awareness to help cope.

We definitely think it’s time to breathe and want to support children, teachers and parents with a tool kit that does not fail. A tool kit that not only transforms lives but that is also free, always accessible and will never run out. The tool kit of the breath. 

Even after one breath session, we had feedback of feeling “…like a superhero” (Dan, age 6) and “…so relaxed” (Josh, age 5). The teacher couldn’t believe it!

“The children absolutely LOVED these breathwork classes. They were calmer, more focused and cannot wait for more!”
~ Miss Stuart, Yr. 5 teacher.

Support the School Breathe Programme:

We would love to bring our School Breathe programme to schools in London and the rest of the UK.

Our vision is to launch an online platform full of scientifically proven, mindful breathwork techniques and meditations. Which will reduce stress and anxiety and help children (and teachers!) start their day feeling more calm and focused. 

We are a team of certified breath workers who have over a decade of experience. Teaching breathwork, yoga and mindful meditations to adults and children. 

If you would like to support us, please go to We are giving away some extraordinary reward offers in exchange for your donations, so make sure you check that out!

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