Psychedelic Sister’s Breathwork and Movement Workshop

Our Chi, Prana, Energy, Breath, Flow, (whatever language resonates with you) has huge positive effects on the body and brain when in a regulated flow.

The word regulation in biology means  – the chemical and nerve processes that allow people to adjust to changes in themselves and their environment so that they can continue to live; to their heights potential

Stagnation, laptop lifestyles, stress, trauma, tension, locked emotions, are just a few things that prevent your energy flowing to its fullest capacity. Even if you don’t feel stressed, commuting on a packed train, the monotonous 9-5 are still culprits for daily tension build up. Tension is cumulative, it doesn’t simply disappear on its own accord, you need to work with it, otherwise it just builds up over time.

Fortunately, there are lots of tools we can use to release energy blocks and create more flow with our life force.

When blocked energy starts to shift, it can often come to our attention in felt sensation or emotions. Giving your conscious breath, acknowledgement and acceptance to these sensations, in the moment, is a vital part in helping to release and integrate stagnated or blocked energy.

Giving yourself safe harbour to feel, is the alchemy of reconnecting to the lost parts of yourself, bringing yourself into wholeness. From this place more choice, vitality and aliveness is possible.

Of course, each breathwork holds something different for each person, each time, the experience is unique to you but at the same time collective.

In this workshop, we are also going to be looking at ways to move the body as a beautiful companion with the breath.

Our guest facilitator Suzy Perry will be introducing some warm-up movements rooted in belly dance, using a system of sacred shapes. Circles, infinity loops, undulations are all ways to connect with our soft feminine nature, they can awaken different energies and activate our chakras or energy centres in the body. We will place equal emphasis on opening through our left and right sides of the body to balance and harmonise our inner polarities, yin and yang.

The benefits of doing this are to encourage, a safe and held, opportunity to open, activating and purifying our energy meridians and because it’s soft and fun to move our body in this way!

Ride the energy of your own unique spirit. ~ Gabrielle ...

This varies from the more linear structure of yoga – as women our energy can be much more free-flowing, playful and creative. Here we marry movement with our own breath, finding what feels good for you. We will also introduce movement which will ground you, a vital part of any energy work.

When we suffer from things like stress, anxiety, depression, a broken heart, hormones, various types of disorders or imbalances, these are all felt and locked in the body. The body communicates with the mind, but the mind doesn’t always get it right, so it is important we don’t overlook our body’s intelligence as a focus of our healing, the body does not lie! Moving the body somatically (movement which is conscious with the intention of focusing on the internal experience of the movement rather than the external appearance or result of the movement) helps to kick-start our healing process, you will see how quickly the mind wants to catch up with a healthier perspective on things when the body is regulated and nourished with oxygen and flow.


Join us on Monday 19th November 19:30 – 21:30 BOOK HERE 

The Sisters Breathwork is hosted monthly, each month looking at different threads of wellbeing and breathwork. All hosted by the Psychedelic Society 

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