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“My healing journey is married with my ability to be present and in service to others. How can I hold space for others if I am not willing to tread that path myself”

Hannah Goodman

Hannah strongly believes that everyone’s access to inner healing lies within them, and in their sense of connection to others.

Once a student of Contemporary dance she soon found this approach to movement and the idea of performing uncomfortable and so began her journey into Spirituality, Conscious Movement and Yoga

Her first step after completing a Hot Yoga Certification was teaching Yoga in Cornwall. Closely followed was a RYS 200 Hrs Yoga Alliance Still Flowing Yoga Teacher Training in Ibiza. This training adopted a somatic (body-oriented) integrated approach to vinyasa flow & Scaravelli inspired Hatha Yoga.

Finding breathwork in Bali in 2015 with Anthony and The Alchemy of Breath.
She graduated as an AOB Breathwork Facilitator in 2016 and has since breathed people from Bali to Ibiza, Denmark, Italy, Geneva, London and Cornwall.

Hannah is passionately focused on sharing the tools for a Grounded.Life. With the use of breathwork, movement, core energetic practices and sound, she works with groups, corporate teams and individuals, holding the space for you to explore your truth and breathe into your fullest being.

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Telephone: +44 (0) 7805 010 962

Hannah Nedas

Hannah Nedas supports individuals and groups explore the power of their breath for increased emotional well-being & physical health and as a vehicle for empowerment. Hannah recognises the breath not only as the foundation on which our lives are built but when consciously applied, as a profound ally of mind, body & soul, enabling expanded awareness and a deeper sense of connection.

As well as working with the breath, Hannah works with voice and sound, acknowledging that each voice holds it’s own unique vibratory signature and is a powerful instrument of healing and authentic expression. From the words we speak to the sounds we consciously create, our voice can act as a tuning fork to bring about greater balance.

Hannah is dedicated to working with people to explore their own innate capacity for healing and empowerment. She works passionately with groups, teams and individuals to connect to their breath and their own inner resources for personal growth and transformation.

If you would like to find out more about working with Hannah for one-one or group sessions please contact:

Telephone: +44 (0) 7523 367 899

“Gravity is like a magnet attracting us to the earth, but this attraction is not limited to pulling us down, it also allows us to stretch in the opposite direction towards the sky.
~ Vanda Scaravelli”



Elian Kidd

Elian has been holding space and sharing his medicine of sound and music, in devotional song gatherings and in ceremony space for the last 4 years. His deep drum songs and resonant voice accompany and support this work well, inspiring perseverance in the practice where necessary and promoting ease and calm in the later phases of the journey.

Elian has a band based in Brighton called The English Rose Collective who hold devotional song groups and ceremony all over the UK.

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Anouska Madden

Anouska is a UKCP accredited Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist with nearly 20 years experience working with severe and complex mental health issues.

Anouska offers one to one sound healing sessions, shamanic healing sessions and psychotherapy sessions. She contributes regularly to group workshops, including those run by David and Emma Farrell (best known for the Plant Consciousness and Shamaniclands events) using native plants. We feel blessed to be collaborating with her here at Grounded.

Darren Brett

Darren has been creating good vibrations by moving air for 25years. More recently refining his relationship with frequency and the sound healing modality through voice and other tools. Sound healing provides the framework for our bodies to align to frequencies and intervals that are more harmonically beneficial, promoting balance and unity. Simple physics creating deep connection.

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Ann Uddin

Ann is a qualified Hypnotherapist & Reiki (USUI) Master Teacher and Sound Healer Practitioner. Her core belief is that our mind and body can access our essential purest state of happiness, peace and wellbeing. Her intention is that every client experiences a lasting change helping them to heal past difficulties and current stress, creating balance and wellbeing in their lives

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