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‘They’ say; where lies your resistance also lies your growth.

That following the path of least resistance can become a habit that guides our lives, where we make choices based on what is easiest, most pleasant, or least painful.

Ironically, the life we seek isn’t found by avoiding the pain. It is by working with the resistance in our lives that we grow and move forward.
I now know (and joke about this) as soon as I feel resistance it’s a path I must explore.
There is also listening to your body, whether that resistance is a no which should be expressed or a path which should be taken, you can usually tell the difference.

This brings me onto talking on Video! SO MUCH RESISTANCE
It’s been a journey, but the more I do it, the less terrifying it is.

So… here is my youtube channel!

Early days, breath by breath, but taking sure-footed steps to communicate and share all that wants to flow through me. Sharing #breathwork and the tools to live a grounded life, to feel present and stable, to live in our truest potential

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