Grounded Garden

Grounded Garden:

Pachamama, the earth, our home, our provider.

This branch of the Grounded Life tree aims to share with you the wonders of nature, from flowers to crystals and ceremonial instruments. From vast landscapes to the microbes of soil. There is a limitless abundance of beauty and knowledge to share about this earth and the best ways to live with it, Grounded Garden holds the space for us to explore and participate in Pachamama’s endless magic. 

We are excited to scout and share recipes from natural and sustainable sustenance. Juicing and fruiting, vegan sweets and treats. Natural beauty aids and homemade aliments. 

We warmly invite you to share your knowledge, insights, pictures, recipes and experiences with the Grounded Life community or perhaps you have a question? Join our Facebook Online Community Here.

Grounded Garden

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