The Brothers Breathwork aims to provide a safe space, for men to learn experience breathing techniques and other alternative therapies which aim to work directly with stress, anxiety, feelings of overwhelm or depression.

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"Personally I'd rather attend the Brothers Breathwork, which styles itself as a male-focused breathwork group" ~ Will Self



There are many forms of Breathwork. We use a variety of  breathing techniques which are all based on the principle of letting go and re-balancing the nervous system. These concious and connected breathing techniques are a powerful approach to self-exploration and often give us the opportunity to connect with parts of ourselves that we may not see clearly or overlook.  This fast track approcah to re-connecting to the core of who you really are in turn can highlight what it is that’s holding you back in life.


This practice is for Men with or without previous Breathwork experience. All levels are welcome.

Full instructions will be given before the practice starts and an opportunity to ask questions and share.


Stress management, reduced anxiety, expanded awareness, revealed inner authority & leadership, enriched vitality & energy, improved relationships, personal power & resilience, stimulated blood flow & circulation, enhanced creativity, uncover & release unconscious beliefs & self-limiting thought patterns, nourish & cultivate healthy cells through oxygenation

We all have our own important story of who we are and what life means. This is not an invitation to let go of who you think you are, but an invitation to delve deeper into the layers of your being and to meet yourself, perhaps in a way you have not before.

This is an opportunity for men to share vulnerabilities, gain emotional intelligence in a non-judgmental environment and have a safe outlet to express themselves physically, mentally and emotionally. 

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What are the brothers saying?

Back to basics – Coming back to simplicity is a key element to decreasing stress. We often tend to overcomplicate things in life, the breath is at the heart of all matters so let’s go straight to the heart of it.

 Identification  – Understanding where your stress lies, what your triggers are and how you currently deal with them. 

Taking Action – You have your own personal tool kit, we will show you how to access it. 


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