Are you aware of stress in your workplace

as you push for the business results you need?

What if there was a way to promote productivity without the by-product of higher stress, tension or sleep deprivation? What if improved well-being and increased performance at work were seen as synonymous that grew side-by-side?

It’s no secret that breathing is your best friend when it comes to the long term resolution of stress-related symptoms and It’s no shocker that unhappy team members are less productive, or an overloaded manager is more at risk of reaching burn out.

Whether you’re a successful entrepreneur that lives to work or an uninspired employee whose life is flashing before your eyes, the work we do offers experiences for personal development and growth, improving one’s ability to manage their stress in all forms, to increase their presence, to better show up for themselves, openness to experience, intuition and self-reflection in order to achieve purpose. We’ll breathe into all parts that require a significant shift to evolve into a new vision of leadership.

We pull together specific aspects and practices from different modalities that we know focus directly with stress-related symptoms and promote; well-being, inner authority,  leadership, team relations, creativity, looking at emotional triggers and how best to deal with them, presentation anxiety, standing in your power and potential.

Here we teach pragmatically how to start tapping into our toolkit to help and the good news is we already have everything we need.

Ready to meet yourself and your work colleagues in a way you have not before?

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Chris Plowman (Owner, Floatworks, London)

“I cannot recommend Grounded Life breathwork highly enough. I have now arranged several breathwork sessions with my team and the impact has been tremendous. I’ve seen a wonderful increase in individual happiness and team morale as a result. This has translated into a better work ethic and customer service. Hannah & Hannah are fantastic facilitators and brilliant at what they do.”

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