Grounded Breath

Welcome to the first of the four branches of Grounded Life.

Grounded Breath encompasses all things breath related: Breathwork; meditation; mindfulness; yoga; movement; breathing techniques; health & wellbeing; the benefits of connecting to your breath and the detriment of poor breathing habits.

Here we look externally to people, professionals and practises as well as internally to our own breathing experience, this may come in the form of blogs, downloadable recordings, how to videos, online courses and much more.

The contraction and expansion of the lungs, movement, energy and all life, Grounded Breath is concerned will all that relates to the air we breathe and the way we breathe it, thus being a reflection of how we live it too. 

From Grounding to transcendence, we will be exploring our very own life source, the reason we are here now, reading these words.

If you ever have information you wish to share with the Grounded Life community or any questions please join our Facebook Online Community Here.

Everything needs it: bone, muscles, and even,
while it calls the earth its home, the soul.’

~Mary Oliver


Grounded.Life Breathwork

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